Saturday, September 29, 2007

Spun out!

It was a really exciting week for me - I had to spin what seemed like MILES of yarn on my wooden-dowel-old-CD spindle for my Tuesday night class at Loopy. I worked very hard and finished the required 120 feet during my lunch break that day. I went to class only to find no one else had made their yarn! Pah! I got to spin on 4 different wheels that night and it was comical. I had twist for miles and nothing drafted for it! Out of the 4 I tried, I think I liked the Ashford Joy the best but it was really brief trials, just 15 or 20 minutes on each. I'll have to go back and try some more!
Below is some of my spindling - the green on the right is shetland that I learned has been carded but not combed, which explains why I have such difficulty trying to work with it.

And here is the distaff I made with my first spun yarn:
I also finished the Branching Out scarf just in time for mom's birthday - I blocked it this morning (the birthday is TODAY) and put it out on the balcony to dry. I'll get pictures of that up Monday. Needing mindless knitting for public transportation, I grabbed this:
Only to find that I had grabbed the WRONG size needles once I got on the bus. ARGH! Once I got to work I tried to utilize a pair of chopsticks:
Clearly that didn't work very well. Finally an understanding co-worker lent me their car and I ran out for needles on my lunch break. I ended up carting the Miski home (I am LOVING the Marisol yarns!) and instead started this hat. We are off to take Mom to My Pie - I can't wait to see how she likes her scarf!


angel pal said...

Spinning looks very cool. I tried for a bit at the fair and it was fun, but I had a hard time keeping it spinning with my foot! I'm glad to see you are NOT afraid of color! You pick some pretty fun looking yarn out and it looks great with the patterns you chose-way to go! I have a birthday party with 8-9 nine year olds coming up this week, but I have the majority of your box set and providing the yarn I'm waiting for arrives soon (It should!) you package will go out Friday and I'll email you to let you know whento expect it. Just waiting on some more yarn and a few more odds and ends as they catch my eye.

Lis said...

You made me smile, thanks! Take your time, I'm a really patient person and you checking in often makes it so much better!