Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back In The Saddle

At least for today....

So.  Here we are, blog.  We grew so distant and I don't understand why.   Actually I do-I am LAZY.

That said, it's been an eventful few years.  Chez L-Robinson boasts a current rescue level of 10.  Five each cats/kittens and dogs.  Two tarantulas, a ball python and a 29 gallon reef aquarium that's really taking off nicely.  We like animals here.  I don't think anyone's noticed yet however.  Keep that to yourself.

In 2012 I decided to try this little app called Couch to 5K (By Active - there are several different ones).

Changed my life.

After smoking for 30 years and quitting, gaining enough weight to begin struggling with breath when I tied my shoes and buying progressively larger clothes I became A.Runner.  I did it on a treadmill and entered my first 5K last fall.  My second is this June and I'm repeating the program outdoors because there is a HUGE difference in treadmill and outdoor running.  The injury I sustained in the first 5K reminds me of that every time I'm up at this ungodly hour to go to physical therapy on a day off.  Still and yet - I want to run.  I can't believe it is me.

I'm still knitting but not at the intensity of a few years ago.  I spin all the time now and mostly on spindles.  All sorts-heavy, light, Navajo, support, top whorl, bottom whorl, kick-crazy obsessed.  I also started a little Etsy shop full of things that interest me on a production level.  Orifice hooks for wheels and project bags for knitters are my primary gig.  I am vending my first festival in May - Magnolia State Fiber Festival.  I will also be teaching a class for Beginner Spinning - Non Wheel.  I'm very interested in what new spinners want (or think they want) to learn in their first class.  Comment here or email me at lazysockmonkey at gmaildotcom if you have thoughts on this!

Pics next post!  Lots of spindle candy to show!  (just ask Jack) (she'll tell you)