Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Knitters Virtual Vacation Swap

I had never joined a swap before although I swapped yarns with a lady overseas for a bit. I'd read the etiquette and made darn sure that I overnighted my tourist's package so it would arrive on Friday.

No Word.

Ok, maybe she went away for the weekend (while my evil inner voice is whispering "She HATED it, you're the worst swapper EVER")

So today I check and still No Word.

The evil whisper escalates to a mad cackle and I begin to lose all faith in my package (even though I thought it was pretty damn nice on Thursday). Finally, a light flickers and I call my shipping guy for a tracking number.

There was some glitcho with the address "Cannot deliver without a valid street number. We have sent the recipient a postcard requesting the correct information". HUH? I mean, if you can't deliver it how in the hell is the postcard going to arrive? Does a postcard stealthily slip through where a shoebox size package cannot?

I had one of the tour guides email my tourist and I left the info in comments on her blog since I didn't want to blow the surprise. She's on her way to pick it up now!

Oh me of little faith.


Ariel said...

LOL - that is sooooooo funny. When I called UPS I asked them the exact same question. "How can I get a postcard if you can't deliver it to me?" He gave me a muffled reply that had something to do with the post office. I wasn't taking any chances with my surprise and since the UPS place is only 10 minutes from home........ I picked it up. Read all about it on my blog!!!

Thanks again Lis!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Virtual Vacation Pal! I haven't forgotten about you! You package has been delayed in going out but will be sent out this weekend!