Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another Hat!

I'm happy to report that the Mirasol Sulka worked up just beautifully into a lovely hat. It is so yummy to work with that I've had to FORCE myself back to mom's birthday scarf that must be finished by the 29th. (Feh! I'm so mad at myself over the scarf, I'm continually miscounting and having to tink) I want to finish a nice gift for her though; she's bringing me back WOOL from Ireland and if I know my mother she'll say "Oh..that doesn't look like very much, I better get several!" My stash is drooling in anticipation of such esteemed foreign travellers!
As you may have noticed, I haven't 'quite' mastered the art of blog-buttons just yet but I'm working on it.
We're off to the casino tonight to celebrate our friend Debera's birthday. I could give a hoot for gambling but Jack gave me fun money..if I don't spend it all I can buy more Marisol on Tuesday at my spinning class......The spinning class was cool - Meg's a great teacher but I Am A Klutz. I can't get that whole drafting while spinning thing yet. I draft a bit then spin it (badly) then draft a bit and on and on. Still I persist. Heh.

IMG_1233, originally uploaded by yarnballer.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm your angel pal and I'm going to browse through your blog and I may have a few questions. Have a wonderful week and I'll "talk" to you soon. =)

Lis said...

Hi angel pal :) You're so so sweet to do this!

angel pal said...

No problem. I had such a wonderful pal, I'd hate for anyone not to get anything! So here's a few questions for you:
Coffee or tea or neither?
Now being a total sweet freak, I'm having a hard time thinking savory- can you give me a few examples of a savory treat you enjoy.
That's all for now. =)

Lis said...

ohhh coffee! Hmm, savory..nuts, pistachios, cashews..or dried apricots..trail mixes (even the ones with chocolate!)