Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well, I knew it was a possibility..I knew Jack was applying for various promotions in cities we had discussed as 'ok' as potential new locations but I'm not sure I expected it to happen. It did.

Jack will be moving to Memphis, TN on August 3rd to begin her new position with Home Depot. I'm staying here for a few weeks more in order to pack up the house and finalize things in Chicago. It's exciting and sad for me. I've been here a long time and Chicago is truly a city that I love. Like many Chicagoans, I am now bemoaning the things I never got around to doing...the Architectural Tour via the river, Randolph Street well as the things I know to be so fine about this city; Italian Beef sandwiches with lots of juice and hot peppers, My Pi deep dish pizza, Jimmy's Hot Dogs, our nearly new apartment right on the beach on beautiful Lake Michigan..our friends Nancy and Chris and Debera..

Loopy Yarns..(sigh)

It is truly exciting though! The economy in Memphis is much more forgiving - it's possible that Jack and I can finally buy a home and there it means a home with a little land (think garden and maybe a few animals) and if we're really careful I can stay home to take care of all that and of course knit.

I haven't touched myChicknits Twist sweater in several weeks but have not lost my love for it. I've just been enamoured of quicker projects that don't require quite so much attention to charts and rows. We've been doing a KAL on a Yahoo Group, ILoveKandCAlongs of a free pattern from LionBrand called Lacy Stole. It's lovely and lends itself well to a variety of yarns and needle sizes which made it a great stash buster for the members. I finished it yesterday and got it blocked (Noro Silk Garden discontinued color 264-US 10.5) and I adore it. I'm mad that it's in the 90's and I can't reasonably WEAR it. The edges on my work still look sloppy to me, not sure what I do wrong at the end (or beginning!) of a row but I crocheted a border around this stole to tidy it up and I'm glad I did. (Sorry the pictures suck - somehow my digital camera was mysteriously 'not' among my belongings when I picked them up from my former employer)

Hanging in my dining room window in the breeze....

A closer shot of some of the detail...

Next, I plan to start the Forest Canopy Shawl in Koigu. I swatched last night but my needles were too small. (US 5) I'll try today with a 7 and see if I like what I get.