Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Horrible luck!

I was all psyched last Friday..I had 2 tickets to see the Harlot and my partner who has zero, zilch, no, none interest in knitting put in for 2 so I could take 3 knitty friends for an afternoon/evening of knitting delight. I contacted my corporate rental car place, got a great car, the weather was rockin in the 70's which was summer for Chicagoland..

Traffic was stop//go//stop//go//

The truck ahead of me stop//d//

I go'd// bam
into his huge, black, rubber bumper of a thing that would have repelled godzilla.

I watched in horror as the front end of my beautiful rental car crumpled like a thin tin can under a grinder and then started the process

{to the LYS where my ladies were meeting for me to pick them up}

Hi, hi there Kirsten..it's Lisa. This really sucks but I've just rearended someone and my rental car is trashed..if you think our friends want the tickets I'm at the North Ave. exit....

(tickets are floating in the 70 degree day breeze and the officer in charge is coughing loudly because he doesn't get the signifigance of fiber)

I'm quietly weeping because I want nothing more in life than to have Stephanie Pearl-McPhee sign a book for my knitting mentor Natalya as a surprise for either her bday, US citizen anniversary or Christmas holiday, whichever comes first. The policeman doesn't understand the weeping and clearly contemplates testing me somehow for substance abuse. Unfortunately for him I'm making perfect sense and am just honestly sad.

LYS ladies (and now really my friends even though I was afraid to lay claim)
I'm so lucky to know you* All of you*