Sunday, June 28, 2015

April 2017

Wow.  This is still here and christ, it's so much easier than Medium.  I'm just me,  nothing to see here.

But, this afternoon i had an online conversation with an old (7 years) friend.  She has horrendous health issues, some of which she's explained, some she has not.  I've tried to learn her various challenges, made notes, remembered what to remember and tonight it wasnt enough.  

I (perhaps mistakenly) offered my perception of her anxiety level, which I felt was high.

I wanted her to see that someone who loved her saw an escalation in her anxiety level. Those around her saw differently.

Evidently I wasted my energy.  Sad about my friend. I'm awake and worried.  Not a great post but whatever. I care and my fiber related stuff can follow if anyone is still interested 


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