Monday, June 22, 2015

So...I saw today a post where it says that writing for 2 minutes a day about a positive experience in the last 24 hours can increase happiness dramatically.  Seems like it's worth a shot.

Today I washed my incredibly filthy car, thanks to my landlady reassuring me that it was ok to use the water here for something like that.  I also did some gardening..repotted a few things, got a baby violet plant ready to take to a friend at work, checked the tomato and basil and rosemary.  Started a pot of pasta sauce for a casserole for the week.  Little things but such steps forward to me.

I also took my dog, Kasey for a long walk.  She has plenty of room here to run outside but she so enjoys different smells and paths.  She is a joy.  She is currently outside with me here and intent on the baby kittens just beyond her sight in the garage.

I enjoyed taking the time to groom the cats-they give me so much joy also!  All in all, it's been a  nice, relaxing 2 days off of work and I feel ready to face the week tomorrow!