Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mystic Waters KAL

I started this KAL because I love lace and thought it would be a great forum for a 'first leap'. So far that's very true! I also promised myself I would not allow 'keep up' anxiety because even I know the fastest way to muck up lace is to rush madly along. I've done some great mad-rushing in my time and the frogging afterwards is not worth it!

That said, I finished chart A today - it's probably a little less than half the first clue and I'm pretty happy with the results - first laceweight, first chart attempt! The red background is AWFUL but it was the best I could do at work - I pinned it to the door of an overhead cubicle bin.

I think I see a missing loop but it's far enough back that I'll probably just chalk it up to experience and try to block it open later.

I also have several socks going and an absolutely HORRID hot pink/black hat for this gal at work that's clearly palette-challenged (shudder) People look at me on the bus and I say "She picked her own colors" defensively before they even ask. You'll not see pictures of that till it's finished in all it's horrible glory. Bleh.


Gammy aka Peggy said...

That is lovely!!!! For me this is a slow moving project. I keep missing YO or something. But I'm moving right along.

Gail R said...

Your work is beautiful! I'm a slower knitter too but enjoy every minute - well until I make a goof -


Anna said...

Looks great! That's really amazing if this is your first laceweight and chartreading project..... good job!

Chibicat said...

I LOVE the color!! It looks beautiful so far. I haven't make it past chart A yet, but I'm working on it :) Happy Knitting!!

wildflower38 said...

Its gorgeous!