Saturday, May 31, 2014

Coming Together

A few days later and things are starting to come together.  The minpins have a new home together with a family that really wanted them.  It was touching, Jack said.  They have an autistic son and the 'fierce' minpin, Sake jumped into his lap almost instantly and laid down.  Fate.

Lucy the imperial tortie went to live with our friends at the Gayboy Mansion.  She is being spoiled rotten and is finally the Queen she obviously felt entitled to be. 

My two beloved black boys, RuPaul and Fey Wray went to live with the lady who found them originally, running under parked cars at 4 weeks old.  It was a difficult parting but they're together with a new family that will love them like I do.

Someone is coming today for the tarantulas-he has THIRTY (Oh My God) so I have confidence in his ability to care for them.  Anyone with 30 spiders is some kind of special, I guess.  Yikes.

I've gotten more done this week than I could initially see.  The garage is packed full of things for next week's sale and the stacks of boxes in the house have grown.  I've purged a ton of stuff as I went so it's not as bad as I thought it would be.  Still a lot to do however.

19 days till moving day.  5 more days of work till my last day (coincidentally the day of the sale, bwahahahaha).

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Bev Love said...

Just super big hugs and prayers my friend.