Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Already!

I'm not sure where the weekends go! I did manage to finish a square for a chemo-afghan and Jack dropped it off at Hank's for me on Saturday. I also frogged back mohair lace (sigh) a few rows to find out where I was on a pattern I'd put down for a bit, Voyager Stole from Elann that I'm making for my mother for Mother's Day. (I have too many projects going) I don't know why this picture insists on being sideways..just turn your head to the right and you'll get the idea....

I finished the Lemur King for Jack. ARGH, the knitting was easy..the putting together, see for yourself:

I stripped the original warp off of my pvc loom and started a simple strap for my Traddy. Angela showed me this ingenious strap she wove that she just ties on and it makes a shoulder strap for her wheel! When not in use, it just falls out of the way to the floor! This is the first foot or so of that:
It's going to be interesting because the loom really isn't designed for longer pieces but I wanted it all woven at once for strength. If you look you'll see the 'V' shaped improvs, we'll see how it works in reality. Right now it's holding a tight enough warp for weaving easily. Here's another pic of the pretty colors (Peaches & Creme cotton)


Leslie said...

I don't know exactly what you're doing but it looks cool. I need a strap for my wheel (well, a handmade one, I have the one it came with).

Lis said...

Well, I'm weaving (if that's what you mean) Angela made this 1 inch strap that's like 10 feet long and it ties around the back legs of my traddy and under the front leg.The loops come up on either side and sit over my shoulder. Hard to describe but really ingenious. I'll get her to bring it next spin meeting, k?

Cat said...

Wow you are just totally amazing. OMG I love love that lemur.

Big Hugs!!!